Continental Comfort Contact CC6 Romania 205/60 R16

Continental Comfort Contact CC6 Romania 205.60.16 tires are designed for compact car owners who like quiet and noise-free driving.  Bridgestone tires have the best combination of performance features. Driving safety is one of major attribute of  Bridgestone. In its development, the second top attribute is the higher possibility of fuel saving after safety.


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Higher safety on wet roads

Continental Comfort Contact CC6 Romania 205/60 R16 for additional safety, Aqua Channel surface sipes quickly evacuates the water film from the tread pattern as they touch the road. This provides the tyre greater water evacuation capability.
On wet highways, the middle of the Continental Comfort Contact CC6 Romania 205/60 R16 is at maximum risk from aquaplaning. To further decrease this risk, particularly developed Aqua Drainage elements are placed to quickly thrust water through a tube structure into the tread grooves.

Shorter braking distances

The chamfered angle of the Continental 205/60 R16 Diamond Edge in the pattern increases the contact area of the pattern to dispense the braking forces more evenly while braking.
Without this chamfer, the tread block changes and misses some of its contact with the road. In wet situations, the Diamond Edge performs as a wiper that dissipates the water film away from the tread blocks for shorter braking distance.

Adaptive superb grip level and long mileage

The new adaptive Diamond Blend Compound contains two polymer types:
The short grip-polymers of Continental 205/60 R16 are triggered when the vehicle is driving over corners or when braking. This energy enables high grip and short braking distances by transforming itself into heat. The long mileage-polymers are entwined and therefore powerfully connected to each other, which guarantees an efficient and high mileage, thus increasing performance.

Comfort Contact CC6 205/60 R16 Specifications

Tyre Size 205/60 R16
Rim Size 16 Inches
Tyre Width 215 mm
Tyre Aspect Ratio (Height) 55 %
Tread Pattern Name ComfortContact CC6
Load Index / Maximum Load / Kgs
Speed Index / Maximum Speed / Km/h