Yokohama 175/70 R13 A drive

Yokohama 175-70-13 A drive enables excellent braking in wet conditions with Wide straight groovesRound sipes and Exclusive Yokohama 175-70-13 A drive Nano-Power Rubber. These exclusive features of Yokohama 175-70-13 A drive allow excellent water drainage and anti-hydroplaning performance for excellent handling on wet surfaces even when driving at high speeds. Guarantees outstanding handling in wet weather without compromising high-level silence.


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Yokohama A.Drive 175/70 R13 is designed for drivers who are quality conscious and they never compromise on quality. The A.Drive 175/70 R13 offers excellent performance. It’s superior handling for new levels of grip has no match. With outstanding traction and strong grip, the driver enjoys great control of the car. A.Drive 175/70 R13 performance is tested and proven excellent in excessive rains and extreme heat weathers.

Yokohama A.Drive  175/70 R13 is designed for routine driving in urban, rural roads and also for longer routes. Its symmetrical tread pattern provides a balanced performance on all kind of surfaces. The A.Drive 175/70 R13 tyre has excellent driving comfort. It gives driver precise control even at high-speed driving. A lightweight rubber in its compound has made lower rolling resistance possible, hence efficient fuel consumption is achieved.

The middle part of the tread consists of two straight ribs with a zigzag incision, it helps in maintaining responsiveness between steering and the tire. It’s unique design and advanced compound ensure control and smooth driving even on rough terrains.

Aqua Proof

A.Drive 175/70 R13 is part of YOKOHAMA’s Drive series standards. Triple Wide Straight Grooves of A.Drive 175/70 R13 provide excellent water evacuation quality and triple straight safety which no other tyre can match.

Tread Compound

A highly effective tread compound and silica in A.Drive 175/70 R13  composition minimize the effects of temperature differentials. Its composition enables stable and life-long grip in both wet and dry conditions.


A.Drive 175/70 R13 is designed by highly professional designers and they are proud of the performance of A.Drive’s 175/70 R13 construction. This tyre offers traction like no other. Triple Wide Straight Grooves offer quiet running. YOKOHAMA’s Adrive advanced tread compound provide drivers with a world-class performance in all weather conditions; wet or dry. Grip and water evacuation are two of major improvements which A.Drive 175/70 R13 provides. It’s ‘Slim-Long’ design helps in achieving optimum road and tyre contact pressure.

A.Drive 175/70 R13 Specifications

Tyre Size 175/70 R13
Rim Size 13 Inches
Tyre Width 175 mm
Tyre Aspect Ratio (Height) 70 %
Tread Pattern Name A.Drive
Load Index / Maximum Load 82 / 475 Kgs
Speed Index / Maximum Speed T / 190 Km/h
Max Inflation Pressure 51 PSI
Tyre Weight 7 Kgs
Tread Width 5.7″
Revs Per Mile 919
Overall Diameter 22.6″
Tread Depth 11/32″
Meas Rim Width 5″
Rim Width Range 4.5-6″
Section Width 7″