Yokohama BluEarth 205/65 R16 made in Japan

Yokohama BlueEarth 205/65 R16 tyres are designed for compact car owners who like quiet and noise-free driving.

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Best tyre for Corolla

Best tyre for GLI

Best Tyre for Altis

Best tyre for Grande

Best tyre for Honda City

  • Reliability & Safety
  • Efficiency & Durability
  • Comfort


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Yokohama BluEarth 205/65 R16 best tyres in Pakistan. Tyres are designed for compact car owners who like quiet and noise-free driving.  Have the best combination of performance features. Driving safety is one of major attribute of . In its development, the second top attribute is the higher possibility of fuel saving after safety.

Powerful and Comfortable Tread

Contact pressure homogenization and improvement of irregular wear nano BLEND compound

Polymer of BluEarth-Es ES32 205/65 R16 has super low rolling resistance features.
Fused with MICRO Silica.

It’s a technology that controls chemical reactions of each compound at nano level.

Yokohama BluEarth 205/65 R16 well spread silica controls extreme heat for wet grip and long mileage. Diverse super low rolling resistance polymer fused with MICRO Silica makes tyre softer to have wider and stronger contact surface on wet and dry surfaces. Blend of deep lugs and sipes provide stability, water evacuation and anti-uneven wear. This blend also helps in noise reduction.

High rigidity and proper edge volume Safety, Drainage on Wet roads. Wide Straight Grooves achieve anti-hydro, water draining on wet braking and straight driving/handling. Simple and Powerful shoulder block design brings reliable grip and brilliant durability.

BluEarth-Es ES32 205/65 R16 Specifications

Tyre Size 205/60 R16
Rim Size 16 Inches
Tyre Width 195 mm
Tyre Aspect Ratio (Height) 65 %
Tread Pattern Name BluEarth-Es ES32
Load Index / Maximum Load 91 / 615 Kgs
Speed Index / Maximum Speed H / 210 Km/h